Downtime in your business? Here’s what you can do!

Sometimes, we find ourselves having so much time on hand than before.

What can you do with it?

Here are 6 things you can do!


Now’s the time to finish the book you have previously started or finish that series you’ve always wanted.

You can also do that bundled purchase you recently made.

For me, whenever I have free time, I finish a course in DigitalMarketer.


You can use your downtime to get ahead.

Plan out your content calendar. Do some podcast recordings. Write your emails. Plan your courses/ programs. Prepare and schedule your blog contents.


Recognize that you also need to care for yourself. Thank your mind and body for all that they have done and can do.

Get a massage, go to a spa, sleep in, watch your favorite series – whatever you want.


Have you had a number of successful projects that ended?

Now’s the perfect time to ask your clients for some testimonials. It can be in any form – written (through emails or Messenger) or verbal (audio or video testimonial).

Just make sure to ask your client’s permission when you post or publish it on any of your accounts. It’s better to get explicit response than to just assume.

To save time, you can use Google Forms, TypeForm or any similar application.


Mingle with other like-minded people. It gives you the additional support you need plus you’ll be able to re-energize that entrepreneurial passion.

You can search on MeetUp or EventBrite to find networking events in your local community.

Since I’m also an accountant, I attend accounting conventions. It gives me the break I need from work and updates in my field. Also, it allows me to visit different tourist destinations.

And lastly…


Yes, you read it right!

Do what ignites your passion, whatever it may be. There’s no point in doing something if you don’t put your heart into it.

Go where your heart leads you, but carry your mind along with you.

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