My first RIAlization

As I was eating my breakfast on my table, wearing one of the many hats I have, I suddenly thought of how my life is today compared to 3 years ago.

Right now, I was under so much pressure – the pressure to have my own house, the pressure to provide a better life for my family, the pressure to meet deadlines, the pressure to start my thesis, the pressure to specialize or niche down, the pressure to know what my real career path is, the pressure to earn more, and so much more.

Unlike before where my only worry is catching up with my shows and all the showbiz gossip 😂

Then I realized that all of the pressure I was feeling was self-inflicted.
Nobody’s forcing me to do all of these things EXCEPT ME.

The fear to be left out, the fear to see someone come first, the fear of someone succeeding first before me, they’re all stemming from inside of me.

I felt it all when I started seeing other people’s big blocks of successes – all the stories, and their results.

I was being too hard on myself up to a point where I no longer enjoy what I’m doing.

All I’m thinking is “Will I meet this deadline? Will I earn more from this? Will this help me meet my goals faster?”

I was rushing into winning. It felt like I was being chased by time.

But it shouldn’t be the case, right?

I’m still young. Life’s just started. I have all the time in the world. I shouldn’t be under this immense pressure. Nothing’s chasing me. I’m not in a race or competition with other people.

So I’m deciding that this ends today.

From now on, I’ll take things slowly and watch my current actions unfold the pages of my future.

Today, I’ll constantly remind myself that everything and everybody has their own timeline. I won’t compare my chapter 3 to someone’s chapter 15.

And today, I’ll start regaining the passion I once had when I started 😃❤️

Jobs on Facebook: the Do’s in applying

Jobs on Facebook: the Do's in applying

Now that we’ve covered the don’ts in applying to jobs on Facebook, let’s go to do’s in applying.

Contact them through their preferred method

If the client asks you to comment your links and rates in the comment section, do it. If the client said “PM me”, then send a direct message. Contact through email if the client says so.

Whatever action is required, only do that. If you contact them in 5 different ways they are going to be annoyed. Also, it shows that you know how to follow instructions.

If you can’t follow the directions for application, then how can they be assured that you do good when they hire you, right?

When I posted a job opportunity before, a lot of people still messaged me when I already provided a Google form.

Follow up at least twice.

Follow up the next day and next week.

They might have been busy and forgot about you. Don’t worry. That’s normal. So the best thing for you to do is to ask them for an update.

Personalize your response.

Not only will this give you a competitive advantage but your response won’t be tagged as spam as well.

Mention the client’s name. Do your research on the client’s business. And include relevant experience.

Be upfront and blunt.

Being direct to the point is appreciated by your potential client.

It is not rude to set expectations and standards. Just don’t overpromise. Also, honestly speak about what you can do. Moreover, it is better to let them know what you want out of the relationship – part-time or full-time work.

Ask for referrals

Even though they might not know how you work yet, they may know somebody who needs your services.

You may even offer them a referral fee if you can close that client

That’s all for now! I hope this helps you land that next client.

Jobs on Facebook: the Don’ts in applying

Jobs on Facebook: the Don'ts in applying

I’ve seen a lot of job opportunities in several Facebook groups. And whenever someone posts a job on Facebook, dozens of people comment and send personal messages to the client.

Below are a few tips when you apply for jobs on Facebook.


Send your resume or a link to your website and nothing else

This would only make it seem like you’re just concerned about getting hired instead of offering to help grow the business.

Also, it’s a poor conversation starter. The client doesn’t know you. You’re most probably not Facebook friends either. As such, your message would end up in the Message Requests folder. When clients see only a link or a file, they won’t click on it. The client would be wondering “Why the hell is this person sending me this?” Worse, they might think that it’s a phishing link.

You have to establish a connection first. Tell something about yourself and how you can help the client’s business.

Ignore the job requirements

Knowing what the job requirements are separates your potential hires from the others.

Most of the time, freelancers would just talk about themselves – their skills and experiences – without considering the job requirements.

Sometimes, on jobs on Facebook, I would even see people commenting skills not related to what the client is looking for. Some would even say “How?”, “How to apply?”, “PM me” even when the instructions are already given, and I’m cringing every time.

That’s not a good impression to be honest.

Send a poorly written paragraph

What you type and how you respond reflects who you are.

First off, your response reflects how well-versed you are in that language.

Second, it shows if you’ve read the job opportunity because what you reply is a reflection and an answer to the job requirements.

Say “Hi” or wave and nothing else

This is one of the deal breakers in applying online.

The intention to apply is not immediately shown when you just greet someone or wave at them.

Some clients are looking to hire almost immediately so it’s best to go direct to the point at this time.

Lie about your availability

This is a big no no.

When clients post jobs on Facebook, they almost always hire on the spot.

If you say you’re available to start now, the client expects you to start working now. Don’t ask them if you can start next week.

Moreover, don’t say you have open availability just to get hired and then change your availability after. If you say you’re available for 20 hours or 40 hours a week, stick to it. Don’t tell them you’re available for such number of hours and then show up for like 5 or 10 hours only.

You’re not being honest with your client if you do that. Furthermore, you’re preventing the client from totally growing their business because you’re making them wait for you.

Well, they won’t. They’ll move on with another freelancer who can accommodate them.

To summarize…

If you do those things, the client is unlikely to respond or consider you to work with them.

For clients who have been hiring online for a while, they get to observe the dozens of freelancers applying who do these simple mistakes. And when they get a hundred messages for one open position or one job opening, they quickly learn to ignore those because of lack of time.

Learn what the do’s in applying to jobs on Facebook here.

Increase your chances of getting hired

Increase your chances of getting hired

Everybody wants to get hired, right? Who doesn’t? But the thing is not everybody does.

So to increase your chances of getting hired, improve the following:

Cover letter

Your cover letter should not be long. It should highlight your relevant skills and experiences.


You should optimize your profile, may it be on Facebook, Twitter or any other social media platform.

In the Bio section, you can place there what you are – a VA, a Social Media Manager to name a few.


You could go for skills that are in demand like graphic designing, programming, or website developing.

But if you already have existing skills, look for skills that can complement them. You can actually present those as a package and charge higher.

If you think you don’t have any, you’re wrong. Use your offline working experience as your stepping stone.


Confidence and preparation are the keys here!

If you landed an interview, research about the company and the tasks they want to outsource.

Also, test your microphone and camera if you’re doing your interview via video call.


It’s best to hunt for job opportunities during your target market’s day time.

I suggest during US day time. Use a time converter if you’re not sure about what time that is in your time zone.

That’s all for now. I hope this helps!

Downtime in your business? Here’s what you can do!

Sometimes, we find ourselves having so much time on hand than before.

What can you do with it?

Here are 6 things you can do!


Now’s the time to finish the book you have previously started or finish that series you’ve always wanted.

You can also do that bundled purchase you recently made.

For me, whenever I have free time, I finish a course in DigitalMarketer.


You can use your downtime to get ahead.

Plan out your content calendar. Do some podcast recordings. Write your emails. Plan your courses/ programs. Prepare and schedule your blog contents.


Recognize that you also need to care for yourself. Thank your mind and body for all that they have done and can do.

Get a massage, go to a spa, sleep in, watch your favorite series – whatever you want.


Have you had a number of successful projects that ended?

Now’s the perfect time to ask your clients for some testimonials. It can be in any form – written (through emails or Messenger) or verbal (audio or video testimonial).

Just make sure to ask your client’s permission when you post or publish it on any of your accounts. It’s better to get explicit response than to just assume.

To save time, you can use Google Forms, TypeForm or any similar application.


Mingle with other like-minded people. It gives you the additional support you need plus you’ll be able to re-energize that entrepreneurial passion.

You can search on MeetUp or EventBrite to find networking events in your local community.

Since I’m also an accountant, I attend accounting conventions. It gives me the break I need from work and updates in my field. Also, it allows me to visit different tourist destinations.

And lastly…


Yes, you read it right!

Do what ignites your passion, whatever it may be. There’s no point in doing something if you don’t put your heart into it.

Go where your heart leads you, but carry your mind along with you.